Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, I have enjoyed listening to music from radio and basement parties my parents use to have. I started my career as a radio DJ in 1983 spinning for a cable radio station called CTNT, which was a hip hop streaming through the cable systems. Soon after I was hired on at Power 106.3, (now Joy 106.3) under the tutelage of Rick Stevens and Jack Harris, co-hosting the Love Zone with Cindy Marie. This is where I really received my training as a radio personality learning about ratings, and the music industry. Other stations I have worked for are WVKO, under K. C. Jones, worked as Program Director/Music Director at a small FM station in Santee, South Carolina before returning to Columbus. I have been with Magic 98.9 for 5 years, and have enjoyed every moment of it. This past July I celebrated 26 years of being in the music industry. Other jobs outside of radio, I have driven for COTA, Paramedic for a private ambulance company and supervisor at Great Southern License Agency. Out of all the jobs I have had, the music industry has been my number one and always will.

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